Selling my duplicates, this is hard!


As we move closer to retirement we are downsizing our household.  For me that means selling some of my duplicate pieces of Nemadji Pottery collected over 35 years.  This is hard.  I remember the excitement of hunting and collecting each piece. Now it is time to share that pleasure with others.  Nemadji collecting is still very strong, unlike other collectible pottery. I believe that is because the prices are within the range of new collectors who are just discovering this pottery made in Moose Lake and Kettle River Minnesota.  If you are collecting, remember collect what you love. You may have it for awhile.  I have enjoyed my collection….and it always gives me pleasure to see the pieces on display in my home. If you have questions….feel free to ask, I will do my best to share my info with you.

Happy Hunting.



8 responses to “Selling my duplicates, this is hard!

  1. I have a piece of pottery that is Nemadji, but it says Cass Lake on the bottom. Is this the same stuff?


  2. Linda Frederick

    I came across a napkin ring that appears to be Nemadji. I can’t find any information regarding if any were made. Any ideas? Thanks!


    • Hello Linda, I can’t recall seeing a napkin ring for nemadji, perhaps it is a garden of the gods? I would like to see a photo.


      • Linda Frederick

        I didn’t think to check if it could be GOG. I have it at another location. I will send a photo asap. Thank You!


      • Linda Frederick


        Here’s the photos as promised. The napkin ring is approx. 2 1/4″ in diameter. The hole is approx. 1″. It is unglazed clay. I have a few pieces of GOG & I’m still thinking it is Nemadji. I took a pic

        I took a photo with other pots that are very similiar in both clay & colors. Any ideas? Thanks for taking a look… Linda



      • Mine is diferent please help my num 613 857 5262 ask for richard.


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