Wow, a very hot Nemadji Pottery Collectors Weekend in Moose Lake, Minnesota

I wasn’t sure how Nemadji collectibles would sell this summer in Moose Lake. If this weekend is any indicator, I would have to say I’d better go through my collection and look for duplicates.  In the past two days I have had to restock twice.  It seems all styles, eras and colors are hot, hot, hot.  The old red clay pieces made with clay dug from Nemadji Township were flying out the door.  These pieces are from the 1950’s made in Moose Lake, Minnesota.  Many of them are on their way to southern Minnesota to a new home.  I would be interested to hear how the collecting and selling is doing in other parts of the country.


8 responses to “Wow, a very hot Nemadji Pottery Collectors Weekend in Moose Lake, Minnesota

  1. Michelle, I remember giving you a box of Nemadji pottery many years ago when you first started collecting. I’m glad to see all you have done with your collecting!


  2. Michelle, do you have an ebay or Etsy account? Thank you!


  3. Susan Stephens, Shelbyville, IL.

    Hello. My name is Susan Stephens and I just picked up a tiny pottery vase at a yard sale. It is marked “made in garden of gods eric Hellman” in script style on the bottom. It doesn’t look like anything you have pictured. It is a dull brown (kinda ugly) squat shaped 3″ across and 2″ high. 3/4 ” hole. No date. I can send a pic if you like. My question is : is this an early piece done before he came up with the swirled technique? And is it worth anything to a collector of Eric Hellman pottery? It is not a pretty vase, rather humble. Thank you for your time. Susan Stephens


  4. I have a large vase with Nemadjii
    coloring (dk. browns and orangey swirls, same type clay as the rest of my stamped collection) but no signature or inscription. As I have the collectors book I read that there was some pottery that was not stamped or signed. Is this piece worth more and how do authenticate it??


    • Hello Rose,
      Long time collectors develop an eye for Nemadji. I have paid a comparable price for stamped or unstamped pieces. Unless it is an extremely rare, early piece I would not pay more than the going rate.


  5. I’m wondering if my Nemadji vase is authentic. It has the logo in capital letters. Nemadji is on top with Pottery right under it. They are in a line…bo circle pattern. Thank you.


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