Nemadji Pottery sale?

Greetings, I am wondering if there is any interest to purchase Nemadji Pottery via this blog. At present I am selling my duplicates at Lakeside Traders in Moose Lake, MN.  They are selling well…but wanted to see if anyone outside our area would be interest.  Please offer comments. Thank you.


4 responses to “Nemadji Pottery sale?

  1. I own a trading post in Pennsylvania. In answer to your question…yes, i sell such pottery in my shop and always look for more.

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  2. Or the or te base color and Brownsu

    Hay I would like to know how long that you have had some of your pieces my name is Bryan Eugene Hellman the pieces you have that you’re selling all came from my grandfather im looking from some green and white pieces or yellow and blue pieces

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    • Eric Hellman pieces come up on Ebay often. Just do a search for Garden of the God’s pottery. I do have a few pieces that are signed by your grandfather. They are very nice. I am not ready to give them up just yet.


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