Nemadji Master Mold, Brick made in Wrenshall, Minnesota featuring the buff clay that was also used in the creation of Nemadji Pottery. The red nemadji clay harvested near Moose Lake was also used in Nemadji Tile and Pottery.

I began collecting Nemadji Pottery in 1983.  Over the years I have collected hundreds of pieces and talked to many people who were involved in the creation of the pottery and tile that got its start in Moose Lake Minnesota. Over the years I collected so many stories that I started a collectors club.  The book followed. I enjoy talking with other Nemadji Collectors and still collect Nemadji and Garden of the Gods Pottery.  Please feel free to share your stories here via posts.


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  1. can you give us your wholesale info?


  2. I have a piece of Nemadji pottery that has no chips or cracks, but does have some black scuff marks. I’ve been hesitant to try cleaning it – even in water – but is there a method you might recommend for cleaning pieces of Nemadji? Thanks so much!


    • I use dawn dish soap and a sponge to clean my pots. If they have a shellac interior I just wipe them inside with a clean soft cloth as the shellac is delicate. For outside rubs and marks try an artists eracer and try a small area. These are fired pots with oil based paint. Good luck.


  3. The artists’ eraser worked very well at removing most of the scuff marks. Thanks for the suggestion! The light cleaning with dish soap also made the whole vase brighter, while not causing harm to the item. Thank you for responding. I wasn’t sure what materials were used to make them, so I won’t be so afraid to clean them now.


  4. My grandfather, Walter Bogenholm, owned the Nemadji Tile Plant in Moose Lake. My uncle used to drive me there from Duluth on the weekends to work and I always loved the pottery, but at that age, didn’t really appreciate it. I sure would love to get a few pieces, more for sentimental value, than anything else. Please contact me…thank you.


    • Hello Dawn, you can find plenty of Nemadji on Ebay and of course right here in Moose Lake. Lakeside Traders has an antique shop in the back and several dealers offer the pottery for sale. Garage sales in Moose Lake and Kettle River are also great places to look. Good luck.


    • Hello Dawn, there are many pieces of Nemadji on sale at Lakeside traders in Moose Lake. Several venders in the antique area are selling them. goodluck.


  5. Hi – I recently found a piece of Nemadji – Forest Impressions pitcher, with the Spanish Oak from the Alamo on it. Great condition. Wondering about the value of such a piece.


    • Hi Jill, the piece you describe is fairly rare. I have seen them priced between 75 and 120 dollars. On average they sell around 85 to 90 dollars. You can check past sales on Ebay. This is always a good source. Factor in the shipping costs too for total price. Congratulations on your find!


  6. Hello,
    My husband and I love the pottery. We were lucky enough to win us a small collection.


  7. Do you know of anyone who would like to buy my collection of about 65 pieces?


  8. How would I value a piece of nemadji pottery?


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