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Moose Lake, Minnesota Artwork Featuring Nemadji


This is a segment of a new archway that was assembled in Moose Lake, Minnesota this summer by Larson Clayworks .  I especially love this piece of the archway as it honors the history of Nemadji pottery and tile in Moose Lake.  If you visit the city, the artwork is located next to the library.  I would love to see your selfie next to this!

Garden of the Gods Pottery Eric Hellman


Eric Hellman was hired by Nemadji Pottery and Tile to create and design the first line of Nemadji pottery and to create master molds that would set the stage for decades of production for the Moose Lake based pottery. He also introduced the “cold” painting process that gave Nemadji Pottery its unique swirls.hellmanpicx600w

This is a link to newspaper article about Eric Hellman.

to see more of Hellman’s work, visit Broadmoor Pottery

The Myth and Magic of Nemadji “Indian” Pottery


From Time to Time

New collectors often ask me where they can find the good stuff.  It is still out there you just have to look.  Antique malls, garage sales, Ebay are all good places to start.  Soon your eyes will be trained to spot the colorful swirl painted pottery and you are on your way.  large

These pieces are on their way to the Lakeside Traders Antique Mall in Moose Lake, Minnesota.  They are made with red Nemadji Clay and Buff Clay from Wrenshall. All three were produced in Moose Lake, Minnesota in the 40’s and 50’s.

Minnesota Nice

Nemadji18 Nemadji Indian Pottery handmade in Moose Lake, Minnesota in the early to mid 1900’s.