Nemadji Township



All photos (C) 2014 by Michelle Lee


Nemadji Township



Raw Nemadji Clay, found near Moose Lake, MN





Banks of the Nemadji River

We went on a mission to dig Nemadji Clay.  Didn’t have to go far to find it, as the Nemadji River snakes its way throughout Carlton County.  Nemadji Township was the site of an early brick works factory in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.  The clay was easily found.    The old township sign can still be found, although it seems to move around a bit.  Last time I was out there it was on the other side of the gravel road.


One response to “Nemadji Township

  1. Hi, I would love to find and dig up some local Minnesota clays to use in my studio. With 3 young kids, I don’t have time to be a professional artist but I have a wheel and small kiln in the basement now so looking to get creative.
    Any help anyone could provide would be wonderful. ie : maps, books groups or persons doing this near the Twin Cities.
    Thanks very much!


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