Collections wanted

Recently my elderly aunt told me who was looking for a new home for her small Nemadji collection. Each carries a memory of a special road trip stopping at thrift and antique stores in search of the pottery produced in Moose Lake, MN. The hunt is always the best part of collecting. My collection is a lot bigger. And as such–we also have lots of special memories.

I am no longer actively collecting myself. But, unlike my auntie I’m not ready to give up my collection. That said, when serious collectors amass large collections it’s important to have a plan when the inevitable downsizing happens. Without a plan in place the planning often falls to family left behind to sort, sell, donate or toss.

Outlets for Nemadji sales include Ebay, ETSY, estate auctions or garage sales. These are all good avenues to liquidate small collections in a hurry. Another option is to find serious collectors seeking to build their own collections. From time to time, I’m contacted by folks looking to do just that.

Let me know if you have a collection to sell and I’ll pass the appropriate information along.


One response to “Collections wanted

  1. Sister Caritas Strodthoff OSF

    I have three pieces of Nemadj pottery. How can I tell if they are worth anything? the words are stamped on the bottom, straight across, one word above the other. done in shades of cream light and dark browns and orange. small pots.


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